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Consistent Satisfaction

If you’re organizing an event and need your website to convey dates, activities, and information, this theme is designed to offer that and much more. Featuring thick, condensed sans-serifs with sharp edges, Consistent Satisfaction relies on rich, highly saturated colors.

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Clean Performance

Clean Performance is an elegant, sophisticated theme that communicates credibility. Perfect for consultants, lawyers, and other professionals that must establish trust with their clients. Think neutral, corporate fonts combined with shades of grey and plenty of white space.   

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Urban Hipster

Build your brand online while presenting your services in clear, modern layouts. Urban Hipster is ideal for coaches, bloggers, and solopreneurs. The theme features thin, modern fonts and neutral color palettes that reflect youth.

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Bespoke Chic

Beauty, fashion, and creative brands will find the perfect canvas in Bespoke Chic. Full of subtle details, this theme will allow you to start selling your design products in minutes. Pair with pastel or neutral tones and plenty of white space. 

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Practical Joy

Practical Joy’s dynamic, fast, and clean style is ideal for tech companies. Featuring lively color palettes and Humanist sans-serif fonts, this theme is ideal for web design, finance, banking, and crypto professionals.

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Classic Credibilty

Hotels, restaurants, travel blogs, and tourism agencies will find an unmistakable sense of wanderlust in Classic Credibility. The theme combines moody hues, sophisticated serifs, and bold script fonts.

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Genuinely Passionate

Vibrant, eye-catching hand drawn fonts combined with high-contrast backgrounds. Genuinely Passionate celebrates lifestyle brands with well-considered photography and expressive script fonts.

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Earthy Naive

Look no further than Earthy Naive for an outdoorsy, organic website. This theme features a combination of muted, warm colors, striking nature photography, and hand crafted fonts. Ideal for brands in the wellness and travel spaces.

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