Your website, more striking than ever before.

We’ve been building websites for 10 years and have packaged the best practices and technologies we’ve come across in WebsiteBar. Our goal? To give you a website that grows alongside your brand and is a joy to update. Here are our four promises: 

1. Modern Design

Differentiate your brand with a fresh mix of type, color, and layout. Modify your site’s look & feel with ease. 

2. Impeccable Experience

Mobile traffic has long surpassed desktop traffic. Your site is optimized for tablets and smartphones out of the box.

3. Optimized to Sell

E-commerce is no longer optional. In an era of multichannel consumption, you want a site that’s ready to sell out-of-the-box. 

4. Sites that Grow with You

Your brand will scale and you need a platform that won’t constrain you. Grow freely — everything is a YES with WebsiteBar. 

Get creative,
We’ll handle the tech.

Goodbye, webmasters! Mix up your own website. WebsiteBar sites are a breeze to edit: drag, drop, and everything looks exactly how you want it. Your colors, your typography, your brand. 

Launch-ready themes

Start selling in minutes with themes that are pre-designed for your industry. 

Stand out online

Tweaking WebsiteBar themes to reflect your brand is incredibly easy. You don’t need prior development knowledge and everything you do need to learn we’ve laid out in our free Webtending School.

Impeccable layouts

Adjusting a website’s layout, type, and spacing can be a hassle. With WebsiteBar you get a pre-designed canvas that allows for easy editing.

Straightforward Monthly Plans

Our most popular plan, On The Rocks, is for entrepreneurs that need a robust WordPress environment and want to get started building their site ASAP. If your brand needs special features or custom development, inquire about our Custom Plans in the link below.


  • We’re here for you: install your own plugins or hire our developers to assist you under accessible hourly rates.
  • Our client dashboard makes it easy to add your custom domain(s).

Are you ready?

Let’s mix your site together!

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