Design and Web Development Package



If you do not have the time to do it yourself or need help from specialists, we recommend you start with this plan. It includes:

  • 9 hours of web design. This package includes the support of a graphic designer to help you develop and implement visual changes on your site.
  • 9 hours of web development. Get engineering support to develop specific features that you’d like to implement on your site. Depending on how complex your needs are, more development hours might be required. These are available for purchase in a separate package.
  • This package doesn’t include domain acquisition costs, advertising placement fees, or any other expense that hasn’t been specified above.


The entire process may take between 2 and 4 weeks, depending on how long it takes you to complete the rounds and review approvals:

  1. After the purchase has been made, we will send you a link where you can answer a series of questions that will help us learn more about your brand.
  2. Once we get your answers, we will conduct research and create a website concept in a maximum time of 3 business days. We will then send the design concept to your email with a link for approval. (This concept is a prototype with placeholder text).
  3. Once you’ve approved the design concept, we’ll send you a link via email where you can give us all the necessary information for us to create the text that’ll fill different sections of your website.
  4. Once we obtain all the information, we will send a copy proposal to your email with a link for approval in a maximum time of 7 days.
  5. Then we will send the concept of the website to your email with a link for approval. This concept does contain the copy.
  6. In case you already have a domain we will configure everything necessary for your new website to point to it.


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